(Rates valid from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017)

Multi-Family customers include any multi-unit residential premises with CENTRALIZED/SHARED collection services.

Basic Weekly Collection Service*

Billed Quarterly

Container Size Curbside Rate
20-gallon Garbage Cart $76.38
32-gallon Garbage Cart $104.43
64-gallon Garbage Cart $172.62
96-gallon Garbage Cart $271.23
* Multi-Family Garbage collection rates include weekly service of 96-gallons of Organics and 96-gallons of Recyclables. Adequate Garbage service is required. On-premise (backyard) service is included on request. Click here for additional Organics and Recyclables collection service information and rates.

Additional On-Call Pick-Up Service for Multi-Family Garbage Cart
(Cost per Pick-Up)

  Container Size
  32-gal 64-gal 96-gal  
Pick-Up On Regularly Scheduled Day $11.25 $24.21 $39.26  
Pick-Up Other than Regularly Scheduled Day $11.25 $24.21 $39.26  

Rates for Bulky Items and E-Waste On-Call Pick-Up Service

Material Type Examples Rate Per Pickup
E-Waste Cell Phones, CPUs, Monitors, Copiers, Fax Machines, Laptops, Mouse, Keyboards, Printers, Televisions, Radios, Stereos, Speakers, Telephones, VCRs, DVDs, and Camcorders. $25.76
Major Appliances Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Freezers or any items containing oil, fuel or Freon. $128.82
Bulky Items Gas & electric powered push style lawn mowers, and other large items: Bathtubs, furniture, bicycles, used exercise equipment, beds, box springs, tires, etc. (Please contact us to confirm additional items are allowed.) $64.41 (per item)

Miscellaneous Services

Service Description of Service Rate per Occurrence
Handy Hauler Service (4 Cubic Yard Bin; Temporary Use) Per placement and removal of 4 cubic yard bin provided for occasional use.
Per day for rental of 4 cubic yard bin in excess of 7 days
Per pull and return of 4 cubic yard bin ("pull and return" refers to the emptying and leaving of handy hauler for repeat use on same premises).

Cart Replacement Charge if customer requires cart replacement in excess of one replacement per year (not applicable in cases of theft or damage from regular use). $86.50
Trip Charge (for Bin) If driver must return due to Customer error, such as failure to make bin accessible before collection time, overfilled bin, incorrect bin placement, or contaminated materials. $14.70
Trip Charge (for Carts) If driver must return due to customer error, such as failure to make cart accessible before collection time, overfilled cart, incorrect cart placement, or contaminated materials. $14.99
Overage Charge - Garbage Per cubic yard $22.50
Overage Charge - Recyclables Per cubic yard $22.50
Overage Charge - Organics Per cubic yard $22.50
Overage Charge - Organics Company supplied Kraft bag paid for in advance $10.31
Overage Charge - Organics Customer supplied Kraft Bag $6.44
Standby Charge Charge for waiting for access to Cart/Bin or for Cart/Bin to be loaded $85.36
Lost Lock Fee for replacing lost lock $29.91
Steam Cleaning Bin Charge per visit $151.79
Steam Cleaning Cart Charge per visit $86.50
Special Construction/ Landscape Doing a special construction, demolition or landscaping project. Order a debris box. Click here to get rates

Click here for Organics & Recyclables Collection Service Information.