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Cart Service

Commercial Service

Commercial Cart Service

(Rates valid from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022)

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Garbage Collection – Cost per month*
Container Size:1 Pick-Ups per Week:2 Pick-Ups per Week:3 Pick-Ups per Week:4 Pick-Ups per Week:5 Pick-Ups per Week:6 Pick-Ups per Week:
32-gallon Cart$39.63 $82.44 $126.04 $171.21 $218.00 $266.34
64-gallon Cart$59.36 $123.46 $188.75 $256.40 $326.44 $398.86
96-gallon Cart$93.26 $193.99 $296.56 $402.88 $512.94 $626.71
* Commercial garbage collection rates include weekly service of 96-gallons of recyclables and 96-gallons of organics. Adequate garbage service is required. Click here for additional recyclables and organics service information and rates.



Additional On-Call Pick Up Service for Garbage Cart (Cost per Pick Up)
32 to 35-Gallon Container:64-Gallon Container:96-Gallon Container:
Pick-Up On Regularly Scheduled Day$11.83 $24.97 $40.50
Pick-Up Other than Regularly Scheduled Day$11.83 $24.97 $40.50



Miscellaneous Services
Service:Description of Service:Rate per Occurrence:
Cart ReplacementCharge if customer requires cart replacement in excess of one replacement per year at no cost for each instance of container replacement related to service level changes due to delinquent payment, damage or theft.$89.23
Trip Charge (for Bin)If driver must return due to Customer error, such as failure to make Bin accessible before Collection time, overfilled Bin, incorrect Bin placement, contaminated materials)$15.46
Trip Charge (for Carts)If driver must return due to customer error, such as failure to make Cart accessible before collection time, overfilled Cart, incorrect Cart placement, contaminated materials)$15.46
Overage Charge Per cubic yard rate $23.21
Standby Charge Charge for waiting for access to Cart/Bin or for Cart/Bin to be loaded$88.06
Lost LockFee for replacing lost lock$30.86
Steam Cleaning BinCharge per visit$156.58
Steam Cleaning CartCharge per visit$89.23


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