Keeping Your Organics Clean!

New program will help monitor contamination.

Contamination in the organics stream is an increasing problem in Livermore. Because Livermore’s organics are processed into compost, contamination undermines the quality of the product delivered to farmers to grow food. Technology at the processing site cannot clean all of the contamination from the organics stream.

Proper sorting helps to avoid:

  • Shards of glass and plastic film in compost used for growing food.
  • Wind-blown plastic litter entering our waterways and unsightly litter in our community.

We need intervention at the customer level.

Organics contamination is similar to the National Sword/China Recycling Import issue you’ve been hearing about. Since our organics are not processed in a global market, we see and feel the impacts of contamination immediately at home in our community.

Contamination will be monitored.

The Alameda County Waste Management Authority, in partnership with Livermore Sanitation, the City of Livermore, Compology, and Diversion Strategies, was awarded a grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to install camera sensors to monitor materials placed inside Livermore Sanitation Organics bins

With proper sorting and materials monitoring, you can keep contamination issues to a minimum and avoid extra fees. If contamination is found in your ORGANICS bin, you will be assessed a contamination fee IN ADDITION TO your regular service charge. Click here for rates.


Items going in the ORGANICS bin should be free of glass, metal, and plastic.

When in Doubt…Find Out!

Contact us with questions about what belongs in your carts and bins. For a list of items click here. We thank you for your efforts!

Organics Service is Required!

Alameda County’s Mandatory Organics Recycling Ordinance applies to businesses and multi-family properties with 5 or more units.  Click here to learn more about mandatory recycling..

We are Here to Help You!

Contact us today to make the most of our organics programs. Livermore Sanitation offers free waste assessments, staff training, and food scraps collection containers.

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