Provider of recyclables, organics and garbage collection services.

2020 Cart Service

Multi-Family Service

Multi-Family Cart Service

(Rates valid from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020)

Multi-family customers include any multi-unit residential premises with CENTRALIZED/SHARED collection services.

Basic Weekly Collection Service*
Billed Quarterly
* Multi-Family Garbage collection rates include weekly service of 96-gallons of Organics and 96-gallons of Recyclables. Adequate Garbage service is required. On-premise (backyard) service is included on request. Click here for additional Organics and Recyclables collection service information and rates.



Additional On-Call Pick Up Service for Multi-Family Garbage Cart (Cost per Pick Up)



Rates for Bulky Items and E-Waste On-Call Pick Up Service



Miscellaneous Services


Click here for Recyclables and Organics Collection Service Information.

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