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Publications & Resources

The following outreach materials were designed to help commercial customers to make the most of available programs and services.

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  • December 2019: Real Holiday Trees are a Renewable Resource, Food Scraps and Food-Soiled Paper Belong in the Organics Cart or Bin, Tips to “Think Green” This Holiday Season, Holiday Service Schedule.
  • September 2019: Reuse and Reduce at Your Business!, Holiday Service Reminder, Are Reusables Right for Your Business?, Recycling and Composting are Required, Recycle Right!, Service Tips.
  • June 2019: Keep the Recyclables Stream Clean! Improve Your Recycling and Organics Collection Programs – We Can Help! ReThink Disposables,  Web Resources, and Holiday Collection Schedule.
  • March 2019: Straws Upon Request, Reduce Plastic Pollution, Mandatory Recycling, Get the Most Out of Your Recycling Program, Properly Dispose of Hazardous Waste, Holiday Service Schedule
  • December 2018: Think Green This Holiday Season, Food Scraps Belong in the Green Bin, Recycling Reminder, Holiday Service Schedule, Holiday Tree Collection Info.
  • September 2018: Recycle Right!, Recycling and Composting is Required-We can Help!, Holiday Service Reminder, Service Tips, Are Reusables Right for Your Business?, Close the Loop with Environmentally Preferable Purchasing.
  • June 2018: Keep your Recyclables Stream Clean! Help is Available, Reduce Paper Waste, Smart Kitchen Initiative, No Styrofoam, Rethink Disposable Technical Assistance Program and Holiday Service Schedule.
  • March 2018: Recycling is Mandatory-We can Help!, 5 Tips for Program Success, StopWaste Grant Program, Holiday Service Schedule, Proper Disposal of Hazardous Waste

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Billing Inserts
  • February 2020: Alameda County Has Two Mandatory Recycling Ordinances & Proper Sorting Makes a Difference, We Can Help!
  • November 2019: Recycling is Mandatory, Holiday Service Schedule
  • October 2019: Special Commercial Insert: California Green Business Network $500 Rebate, Service Reminders.
  • August 2019: Keep the Recyclables Clean! Proper Sorting Makes a Difference
  • May 2019:  California Green Business Program & Interior Recycling Containers
  • February 2019: There are two Mandatory Recycling Ordinances  – We can help!
  • November 2018: Recycling is Mandatory for Businesses and Holiday Service Schedule
  • August 2018: Avoid Wishcycling! Recycling is Required! We Can Help!
  • May 2018: Bay Area Green Business Program and Free Collection Containers
  • April 2018 (Wishcycling Spring Postcard)
  • February 2018: Do Not Merge. Separate Your Trash. Assistance is Available!

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