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Hazardous / E-Waste

Residential Services

Alameda County Household Hazardous Waste & E-Waste Programs

Household Hazardous Waste Has Its Place… And it’s not inside any Livermore Sanitation collection cart.

Please bring hazardous items to Alameda County’s local collection facility. Drop-off is free. Visit for information.

The County accepts the following:


Livermore Sanitation does offer curbside pickup for motor oil, household batteries, and cell phones. Please review the handling instructions below:

  • Motor oil should be contained in 1-gallon opaque or clear jugs with screw top and Hazardous Household Itemstightly sealed. Our drivers will not pick up jugs they cannot see the oil in or have pop tops. You can contact us to arrange for free delivery of oil jugs & filter bags. We’ll collect 2 jugs per household each week and will leave a replacement jug and filter bag behind. Please place your oil/filter next to (NOT INSIDE) your recycling cart for collection.
  • Household batteries should be placed inside a clear zipper-locked bag and placed on top of your blue cart on collection day. We’ll collect alkaline and pile lithium batteries including A, AA, AAA, C, D, 6-volt, 9-volt, rechargeable, camera, watch, hearing aid, calculator and similar. Please put a piece of tape over the positive terminal on all batteries before placing in a bag.
  • Cell phones should also be placed inside a clear zipper-locked bag and placed on top of your blue cart on collection day. Do not bag batteries and cell phones together.
E-Waste Disposal Options

Electronics need special handling. You can properly dispose of a limited amount of e-waste through the Cleanup Program or by requesting a special collection. You may also wish to visit California Department of Resources Recycling (CalRecycle) for a list of certified e-waste collectors.

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