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Service Menu for Residents of Single-Family Homes

(Rates valid from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018)                          2018-2019 Rates
Basic Weekly Collection* – Billed Quarterly
* Rate is based on size of Garbage cart but includes one 96-gallon cart for Organics and one 96-gallon cart for Recyclables. Customers can request smaller cart sizes for organics and/or recyclables; however, the quarterly rate will be the same as listed above.
** Backyard/sideyard service is provided on request to all residents at the rates listed above. Contact us to sign up. Residents with disabilities may apply to receive this service free of charge; a form is required.


Income-Based Program* – Basic Monthly Collection Service
*Must qualify and participate in Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Alternate Rate for Energy (CARE) Program. Contact us to apply; a form is required.


Rates for Bulky Items and E-Waste On-Call Pick-Up Service*
* There is no charge for cell phones collected through the curbside program, or for e-waste/appliances collected through the Cleanup Program.


Miscellaneous Service
* Handy Hauler service is recommended for residents who have already used or are not eligible to use the Cleanup Program.


Additional On-Call Pick-Up Service for Single-Family Garbage Cart (Cost per Pick-Up)


Additional On-Call Pick-Up Service for Single-Family Recyclables Cart (Cost per Pick-Up)


Additional On-Call Pick-Up Service for Single-Family Organics Cart (Cost per Pick-Up)

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