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Publications & Resources

The following outreach materials were designed to help residential customers make the most of available programs and services. Contact us to request hard copies.

Program Guidelines
Newsletters & Postcards
  • July – September 2021: The Livermore Sanitation Residential Collection Curbside Program, Service Reminder: Proper Cart Placement, Avoid Bike Lanes, Textile Recycling Program, Holiday Service Schedule, Binny Cartoon.
  • April – June 2021: Reduce Waste This Spring!  The Livermore Citywide Garage Sale, On-Call Cleanup, Holiday Service Schedule, and Binny Cartoon.
  • January – March 2021: Pledge to Buy Green, Start the New Year Right With a Perfect Set Out, Holiday Tree Collection Ends, Binny Cartoon.
  • 2020 Wishcycling Postcard
  • 2020 Holiday Tree Collection Postcard
  • October – December 2020: Prevent Food Waste, Understanding Food Product Date Labels, Holiday Service Schedule, and Binny Cartoon.
  • July 2020: The LSI Curbside Collection Program, Proper Cart Placement Reminder, Quarterly Textile Collection, Holiday Service Schedule, and Binny Cartoon.
  • April 2020: Reduce Waste This Spring!, On-Call Clean Up Program, Compost Giveaway Cancellation Announcement, COVID-19 Announcement, Citywide Garage Sale, Holiday Service Schedule, Binny Cartoon.
  • January 2020: Start the New Year Right!, Maintain Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Holiday Tree Collection Ends January 17, Holiday Service Schedule, Binny Cartoon.
  • October 2019: Manage Food Before it Becomes Waste, Food Product Date Labels, Manage FOG Properly, Holiday Service Schedule, Binny Cartoon.
  • July 2019: Keep the Recyclables Stream Clean, Proper Cart Placement, Curbside Collection Program Reminder, Textile Collection, Holiday Service Schedule and Binny Cartoon
  • April 2019 Postcard: Fridge Clean Out!
  • April 2019: Spring Cleaning, On-Call Clean Up Program, Livermore Citywide Garage Sale, Mark Your Calendar, Binny Cartoon.
  • January 2019: Checklists for the New Year, Holiday Tree Collection, Holiday Service Schedule, Binny Cartoon.
  • 2019 Holiday Tree Collection
  • November 2018: Binny Holiday Postcard
  • October 2018: (Avoid Food Waste This Holiday Season, Happy Clog-Free Holidays!, Holiday Service Schedule, The Livermore Sanitation Split Collection Vehicle, Binny Cartoon)
  • July 2018 (Proper Sorting Makes a Difference, Residential Collection Program, Proper Cart Placement, and Binny Cartoon!
  • April 2018 (Spring Cleaning, On-Call Clean Up Program, Keep the Recyclables Stream Clean, Livermore Citywide Garage Sale, Compost Giveaway, and Binny Cartoon!)
  • April 2018 (Wishcycling Spring Postcard)
  • January 2018 (Safety Checklists for the New Year, Recycling Reminder, Holiday Tree, Holiday Collection Schedule and Binny Cartoon!)

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Billing Inserts
  • July 2021: Repair, Reduce, and Reuse BEFORE You Recycle, Stop Unwanted Mail, Proper Sorting Makes a Difference!
  • April 2021: Managing Garden and Yard Pests,  Proper Paint Disposal.
  • January 2021: Organics Service Reminder & Minimize Stormwater Pollution.
  • October 2020: Manage and Dispose of FOG Properly & Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle with Green Gifts!
  • July 2020: Proper Sorting Keeps Recyclables Out of the Landfill! Repair, Reduce, & Reuse BEFORE You Recycle.
  • April 2020: Proper Paint Disposal, Managing Garden and Yard Pest
  • January 2020: Organics Service Reminder & Minimize Stormwater Pollution With Proper Vehicle Maintenance
  • October 2019: I Value Food: Too Good To Waste Challenge, Green Gift Ideas
  • July 2019: Repair and Reduce, Reuse and Refuse.
  • April 2019: Proper Paint Disposal and Managing Garden and Yard Pests
  • January 2019: Organics Service Reminder, Prevent Water Pollution
  • October 2018: (Everyone Wins with Green Gifts! Binny Word Search) Binny Word Search Solution
  • July 2018: (Strive to Repair, Refuse, Reuse and Reduce)
  • April 2018: Managing Garden and Yard Pests and Proper Paint Disposal
  • January 2018 – Dispose of Sharps Safely, Minimize Stormwater Pollution with Proper Vehicle Maintenance

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